Junkyard Planet

Written by Adam Minter

Ever wonder where all that stuff that you sort and put at curbside for the recycle truck to take away in the morning goes?  Adam Minter, a scion of the trash business and now journalist, tells you where in  Junkyard Planet  (Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade).  Whereas the eco-activist recycles as a moral and spiritual act of devotion,  the trash venders do it for profit.  What Americans throw away provides feedstock for the growing economies of China and India, among others.  Americans are, in effect, fueling their economic competition.  Americans recycle for feel-good reasons; the trash collectors and vendors do it to make money.  Overall, the result may be good because recycling trash prevents some environmental damage and provides a economic opportunity for workers in impoverished countries.  (This book is an easy read and very suitable as an audio version.)

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