Written by Lester Brown

  THE GREAT TRANSITION: Shifting from Fossil Fuels to Solar and Wind Energy by Lester Brown, Janet Larsen, J. Matthews Roney and Emily E. Adams is a hopeful and upbeat book.  Rather than the usual environmental doom-and-gloom projection of the future, this book explains why fossil fuels as a primary source of energy will soon be obsolete and replaced by renewable energy.  The reason is economic--coal is too damaging, as China is learning ("can't breathe the air in China") and because solar and wind energy especially are cheaper.  Renewable sources of energy simply are more economic that petroleum and coal because they are free.  Wind and sunlight don't require destructive and expensive technologies to source energy.  Petroleum is getting more and more expensive to "produce"  whereas solar and wind are available and free.  Renewable energy is clean; coal is unacceptably dirty and polluting.  In the end, the marketplace will drive the shift to renewable energy and the threat of catastrophic climate change will be lessened.  As for government, humanity will demand a transition to wind and solar energy their superiority becomes more and more obvious.  

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