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The Divine Creation Plan Written by Julian Day Rose 5
Spirituality as consciousness Written by John Mohawk, Seneca elder 28
Building things to last Written by John Mohawk 24
Memory is about the future Written by kenny Ausubel (continuing quotes 10) 28
Live the energy that regenerates you Written by Luisah Teish 51
A Great Invocation Written by Alice A. Baailey 62
The Truth about Abundance Written by Eric Butterworth 101
Dirt House Written by Peter Heller 96
We are a part ... Written by Marylin Krysl 98
An emerging synthesis Written by David Korten 111
There is a purpose in our lives Written by David Korten 90
Agency and human intention Written by David Korten 97
Deep Intention Written by David Korten 93
Politics and Spirituality Written by Ghandi 109
Key insights to reflect and meditate on Written by Corinne McLaughlin 112
The entire cosmos is a cooperative Written by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu 110
The sacredness of the ordinary Written by Peter Timmerman 124
Enlightenment is DYI Written by Rick Fields 82
Three Poisons Written by Sulak Sivaraksa 91
"Development" is a euphemism for greed Written by Sulak Sivaraksa 128
We need one another Written by Pope Francis 101
Humanity has changed profoundly and not for the better Written by Pope Francis 109
G0d wills the interdependence of creatures Written by Pope Francis 84
The message of each creature in the harmony of creation Written by Pope Francis 102
The Bible has no place for anthroposcentrism Written by Pope Francis 111
Poetry of Daito Written by Daito 87
There is a World in Water Written by Dogen 100
Twelve Years in the Mountain Written by Dogen 129
How Boddhisattvas Serve Sentient Beings Written by Hua-Yen Sutra 92
Dharma Rain Written by The Lotus Sutra 106
Thoreau on Nature Written by Naomi Klein 132
Once More Written by Gritfish 93
If Your Soul Should choose a Tree Written by Chief Dan George 127
We are as much alive.... Written by Chief Dan George 128
Have I left the Eagle to Soar in Freedom? Written by Chief Dan George 167
Shamanic medicine for the Earth Written by Sandra Ingerman 227
The old Lakota was wise Written by Chief Luther Standing Bear 251
The Predator Returns Written by W. LaDuke 259
Copper,& Iron, Wild Rice & Water, & Wolves Written by Mike Wiggins 267
The notion of frontier Written by Winona La Duke 265
A Haudensoaunee Teaching Written by A Haudenosanunee 264
Teachings, as ancient as the people.... Written by Winona LaDuke 255
We want our prayer rocks Written by Callen Sisk, Winnemum Wintu 350
And while I stood there.... Written by Black Elk 322
Behold, my brothers Written by Sitting Bull 373
A Great Wind Written by Ojibwa 248
Indigenity and the UN Written by Winona LaDuke 312
Storing sunlight1 Written by Lester Brown 343
Storing sunlight Written by Lester Brown 297
The Red Road Written by Evan T. Pritchard 527
To honor the earth is not easy Written by Evan T. Pritchard 464
Earth stewardship Written by Evan T. Pritchard 725
Listen Written by Francisco X. Alarcon 522
Rainbow Written by Francisco X. Alarcon 495
In Xochitl In Cuicatl Written by Francisco X. Alarcon 825
Four Directions Written by Francisco X. Alarcon 597
All things are the works of the Great Spirit Written by Black Elk 482
We enter into this life Written by Buck Ghosthorse 472
The Earth, its life I am Written by anonymous 196
We belong to the ground Written by Narritjin Maymuru Yirkkala 346
Connecting to our power Written by John Trudell 213
Food not of our genetics Written by Nalani Minton 207
Kalo Written by Nalani Minton 446
An undervalued currency Written by Tirso Gonzales 287
Pacha Written by Tirso Gonzales 230
A template for unsustainable practices Written by Tirso Gonzales 244
The Split-Head Society Written by Melissa K. Nelson 295
Binary thinking meets the trickster Written by Melissa K. Nelson 973
The conspiracy of our ancestors Written by Melissa K. Nelson 227
10Xs the PCPs Written by Clayton Thomas-Muller 220
86% of all languages are Indigenous Written by Clayton Thomas-Muller 203
Standing in the middle of a bush-fire Written by Tom Goldtooth 243
A cause of disharmony Written by Tom Goldtooth 287
A leaf finds the exact spot Written by Tom Goldtooth 214
Cultural change, climate change and the future of civilization Written by John Mohawk 451
Wild rice and cholesterol Written by Winona LaDuke 297
Do you miss that food? Written by Jacquelyn Ross 212
Our relatives leave us Written by Jacquelyn Ross 200
Foodshed Written by Melissa K. Nelson 225
Food value in heritage foods Written by John Mohawk 228
Food and medicine Written by John Mohawk 217
Medicinal plants Written by Joh Mohawk 633
We are part of the landfill, colonized Written by Katsi Cook 219
We as women are the earth. Written by Katsi Cook 169
In honor of Sky Woman Written by Paula Gunn Allen 208
Try it! Written by Paula Gunn Allen 213
Our relationship to wild plants Written by John Mohawk 220
Native American pragmatism Written by John Mohawk 302
The corn does't produce food Written by John Mohawk 203
Every day is Creation Written by Dennis Martinez 170
Let's not make a mess of things Written by Enrique Salmon 191
We have to be the environment Written by Enrique Salmon 185
Culture and Place Written by Enrique Salmon 168
Being a Raramuri Written by Enrique Salmon 271
It's all relatives Written by Dennis Martinez 189
Kincentricity Written by Dennis Martinez 1696
Four principles of community decision-making Written by Jeannette Armstrong 488
We feed the land Written by Jeannette Armstrong 250
The land is us Written by Jeannette Armstrong 275
Nations of Turtle Island Written by Chief Oren Lyons 211
Connasetaga Written by Chief Oren Lyons 259
The Peacemaker Written by John Mohawk 204
Nature Written by John Mohawk 229
Begin the day with sage Written by Priscilla Settee 276
Our time in space Written by Marlow Sam 221
"Our survival" Written by Rebecca Adamson 229
Peace with Mother Earth first Written by Chief Oren Lyons 211
Heed the old prophesies Written by Chief Oren Lyons 329
Not tolerance, but respect and celebration Written by Melissa K. Nelson 173
Plant a seed, become an ancestor Written by Kenny Ausubel 325
Where is the delegation for the four-footed? Written by Oren Lyons 1116
Mohawk Thanksgiving Prayer Written by Joanna Macy 3615
The Onondaga request Written by Joanna Macy 443
Our fate Written by Paul Hawken 279
Spiritual-religious wisdom traditions Written by Rabbi Michael Lerner 236
Modern imperial societies Written by David Korten 270
Dance of nature Written by Elisabet Sahtouris 265
An Alternative Approach Written by F. David Peat 216
Turning the Circle Written by F. David Peat 249
Individuality Written by F. David Peat 200
"All My Relations" Written by F. David Peat 289
Adopting New Technologies Written by Francisco X. Alarcon 201
Renewal of Turtle Island Written by F. David Peat 214
Our relatives Written by Oren Lyons 226
Rediscovering the Americas Written by Francisco X. Alarcon 212
Cycles of Continuous Creation Written by Katsi Cook 265
From Miracle to Magic: Spirituality as Political Consciousness Written by John Mohawk 323
Rationality Written by Russell Means 211
The Luminaries of the Humble Written by Elizabeth Woody 237
Totem Salmon3 Written by Freeman House 212
Totem Salmon2 Written by Freeman House 226
Totem Salmon1 Written by Freeman House 232
Totem Salmon Written by Freeman House 234
The Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy Written by (from the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy) 550
The Great Work1 Written by Thomas Berry 251
Koyukon sayings Written by Alaskan Yukon 239
The Feathered Sun Written by Schuon 281
Those unborn Written by Peacemaker 192
The Fruitful Darkness Written by Joan Halifax 205
Cycles Written by Black Elk 154
My Spirit Soars Written by Chief Dan George 222
cited in Affluenza. p.127 Written by Chief Sitting Bull 183
He leaves his fathers' graves----- Written by Chief Seattle 171
Cities Written by Chief Seattle 214
Web of Life Written by Chief Seattle 181
Property Rights Written by Tecumseh 192
The Indian mother---- Written by Ohiyesa (Charles Alexander Eastman) 236
The Wisdom of the Native Americans. pp.ix-xx. Written by Kent Nerburn 213
Pollution Written by Chief Seattle 175
And when the last red man shall have perished. ---- Written by Chief Seattle 241
Wakan Tanka. the Great Spirit---- Written by Chief Luther Standing Bear 797
The English. in general.---- Written by Kahkewaquonaby 287
Salmon Without Rivers1 Written by Jim Lichatowich 215
Salmon Without Rivers Written by Jim Lichatowich 216
The Four Agreements Companion Book (Toltec Wisdom) Written by Don Miguel Ruiz 166
Northwest Passage: The Great Columbia River Written by William Dietrich 331
Northwest Passage1 Written by William Dietrich 204
Northwest Passage Written by William Dietrich 205
Desert Solitaire1 Written by Edward Abbey 223
cited in "Biomimicry" Written by Mohawk blessing 171
The Toltec Wisdom Books: The Mastery of Love2 Written by Don Miguel Ruiz 207
The Toltec Wisdom Books: The Mastery of Love1 Written by Don Miguel Ruiz 178
The Toltec Wisdom Books: The Mastery of Love Written by Don Miguel Ruiz 205
The elements of nature Written by Ohiyesa (Charles Alexander Eastman) 183
State of the World 2003 Written by Christopher Flavin 178
Good News For A Change2 Written by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel 220
Good News For A Change1 Written by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel 391
Fish don't vote Written by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel 463
The Northwest Salmon Crisis Written by Ted Strong 250
Native tongues Written by Terry Tempest Williams 243
That Place Where Ghosts of Salmon Jump Written by Sherman Alexie 3899
Work Written by Briggs and Peat 504
Ecotopia Emerging Written by Callenbach 308
The American Indian Written by Gary Snyder 255
A Navaho chant Written by cited by Matthew Fox 295
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