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Humanity's Immunity Response Written by Paul Hawken (ongoing quote 2) 17
Natural Mutual Aid Written by Peter Kropotin 15
Limits to prosperity Written by Paul Hawken 49
Gaia operates by mutual altruism Written by James Lovelock 33
Consider humanity's insignificance Written by David Orr 38
Where did it come from and so what? Written by Gritfish 49
Sustainability for Future Generations Written by The BRundland Commission 65
It's our land! Written by John Shewey 68
A dirt ethic Written by David Montgomery 96
Soil lovers unite. The planet we will save is our own. Written by Deborah Koons Garcia 102
Here we are, ready or not! Written by Stephen Jay Gould 98
Presidential wisdom from an unlikely source Written by Ronald Reagan 91
Celebrate life's trajectory Written by David Korten 83
Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth Written by David Korten 97
No nature, no people Written by David Korten 95
The Ecozoic Era Written by Thomas Berry 102
Earth is not a dead rock for sale Written by David Korten 91
Your part in the evolutionary design Written by Gritfish 77
Homo sapiens--Grow up! Written by Tom Prugh 93
What is an environmental issue? Written by Gus Speth 162
Childhood's End Written by Tom Prugh 142
The Third Turning of the Wheel Written by J. Macy 94
What happened under the bodhi tree Written by Joanna Macy 130
Thoreau on the Merrimack Written by John Daido Loori 85
The nested hierarchies and webs Written by Gary Snyder 84
Unto the 7th Generation Written by Pope Francis 96
Human beings and material objects Written by Pope Francis 89
The ultimate purpose of other creatures Written by Pope Francis 84
Consumerism is not Beauty Written by Pope Francis 138
Species are not merely "resources." Written by Pope Francis 102
Rapidification Written by Pope Francis 690
The earth is not a problem Written by Pope Francis 81
In the heart of this world.... Written by Pope Francis 85
Pollution begins within Written by Lily de Silva 92
The importance of moral force Written by Lily de Silva 114
Wanton greed and timely rain Written by Lily de Silva 146
Mindful walking on Earth Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 120
Compared to a snail... Written by Gritfish 78
In this turning of the wheel...... Written by Joanna Macy 97
A successful past now being undone Written by Naomi Klein 80
Dead end road Written by Naomi Klein 93
The nature of our shrinking world Written by Rabbi Michael Lerner 184
Ecclesiastes Rabbah 7:28. Written by Rabbi Michael Lerner 783
Humans need a framework of meaning Written by Gritfish 139
There are no "self-made" men Written by Tom Prugh & Michael Renner 187
The sacred dimensions of all life Written by L. Vaughan-Lee 214
The incarnation of God did not happen in Bethlemen Written by Fr. Richard Rohr 201
A world vacant of mystery Written by Geneen Marie Haugen 194
What the Buddha awoke to Written by Jo anna Macy 216
The Way to Enlightenmen Written by Satish Kumar 225
The Song of God Written by Vinoba Bhave 224
Setting fire to the Ark Written by Susan Murphy Roshi 190
Human impertinence Written by Susan Murphy 206
Spiritual "Autism" Written by Thomas Berry 234
Engaged Buddhism Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 160
The Bells of Mindfulness Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 329
The Cry of the Earth Written by Gritfish 198
Endangered technical species Written by William McDonough/Michael Braungart 203
Our ability confers a responsibility Written by William McDonough/Michael Braungart 154
Start Where You Are Written by Hildegard of Bingen 131
America, thou art sick Written by James Gustav Speth 143
A condor is 5% feathers Written by David Brower 159
Earth is us Written by Elizabeth Roberts 142
Serene Bodhisattva of the Sea Written by William Lafleur 179
If Gaia exists.... Written by David Abram 149
We will know that we have always been around Written by J Macy 195
Ecological moralizing and greening of the self Written by Arne Naess; Joanna Macy 173
The greening of the self Written by Joanna Macy 155
Tikkun as God-energy Written by Michael Lerner 139
Far Brook School as a model Written by Rabbi Michael Lerner 155
Evangelicals for the Environment! Written by Reverend Stan LeQuire 143
These are sins Written by Bartholomew I 122
Advances(?) Due to Wesstern Worldview Written by Darrin Drda 129
The Universe as One Living Being Written by Marcus Aurelius 139
Our Practice this Rain Written by Allan Hunt Badiner 176
Heed Mother Earth Written by ivx Dalai Lama 248
The Paradox of Our Age Written by Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama 412
Cultural myths Written by Rob Hopkins 251
A land ethic Written by Aldo Leopold 268
Parks, biodiversity and mental health Written by Richard Louv 242
Any shaman knows beter Written by Van Jones 241
Being truly present Written by Richard Louv 2 283
A denatured life is a dehumanized life Written by Richard Louv 1 450
Staying alive Written by Richard louv 281
A walk Written by John Muir1 287
Not by a journey of many miles Written by Wendell Berry 306
It's strange how deserts turn us Written by Terry Tempest Williams 297
The great door Written by Stephen graham 218
Men leave themselves behind Written by St. Augustine 248
Always in big woods Written by Wendell Berry 1194
Think me not rude Written by Ralph Waldo Emerson 346
Self-reliance Written by Christopher Wren 236
What a joy it is! Written by Helen Keller 142
Useful as fountains of life Written by John Muir 181
No losers Written by Michael Renner 170
Where are we? Written by N. Scott Momady 172
Earth is in the depths of our being Written by Thomas Berry 186
Industrial technology is analogous to war Written by Wendell Berry 194
Biotic obligation Written by Aldo Leopold 181
I want to grow carrots Written by Hank Lentfer 209
The ferocity of divine grief Written by Gritfish 202
We, a needy species Written by Sallie McFague 257
Pupfish & Humans Written by Gritfish 258
So the future can come forth from the ground Written by Deborah Bird Rose 329
The Giveaway Written by Robin W. Kimmerer 394
To commit a crime against nature is a sin Written by Ecumenical patriarch Bartholomew I 248
We have a moral obligation Written by Kathleen Dean Moore & Michael P. Dean 219
Human evolution is an uncomformity Written by Holmes Rolston III 245
God has not abandoned the world Written by John Palu II & the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I 182
Africa:the effects of climate change Written by Archbishop emeritus Desmond tutu 251
To ask what a life is good for-- Written by Sarah Foltz Jordan 308
What would be the use? Written by Alan Weisman 272
Eat mindfully Written by Michael Pollan 260
We fancy that industry supports us Written by Aldo Leopold 461
China is at war Written by Lester Brown 284
Soil balance Written by Lester Brown 253
Food prices Written by Lester Brown 265
We are Sumerians and Mayans Written by Lester Brown 236
A common ground Written by Duane Elgin 205
Reality surfing Written by Duane Elgin 414
The circle is closed Written by Duane Elgin 209
We are biodegradable containers Written by Duane Elgin 180
The form is not the life. Written by Duane Elgin 165
Cosmophilia Written by Duane Elgin 581
Evolving within a living universe Written by Deepak Chopra 191
Yes we can! Written by Duane Elgin 237
Global adversity trends Written by Duane Elgin 699
Getting more for less Written by Duane Elgin 190
What does it take to be happy? Written by Duane Elgin 200
The power to choose Written by David Korten 243
Growth according to John Stuart Mill Written by Oystein Dahle 222
The incarnation of the Logos Written by Mary Evelyn Tucker 226
The natural and the spiritual often coincide. Written by Imam Achmat Salie 313
Earth Jurisprudence Written by Cormac Cullinan 331
How do we love the children, of all species, for all time? Written by Willam McDonough and Micheal Baumgart 1106
A Giant Footprint Written by Oeystein Dahle 247
New aspirations Written by Erik Assadourian 250
Cultivating Cultures of Sustainability Written by Thomas Berry 241
Jesus mistaken for the gardener Written by J. Matthew Sleeth, M.D. 1640
The solution is in the human heart Written by Vaclav Havel 240
When the inner mind awakens Written by Matthew Fox 221
A coming renaissance Written by Matthew Fox 342
We are failing our mother Written by Matthew Fox 267
Crucifying the mother Written by Matthew Fox 237
Creaton is responding Written by Matthew Fox 254
The earth should not be injured Written by Hildegard of Bingen 195
The earth will not reduced to abject servitude Written by Thomas Berry 333
Sainthood Written by Thomas Merton 252
The world languishes and withers Written by Isiah 212
See! I am God Written by Julian of Norwich 156
Each creature is a witness to God's power Written by Thomas Aquinas 182
The creation mystical traditions are universalist traditions Written by Matthew Fox 183
Primordial communion with the sacred Written by Thomas Berry 214
Interdependence is what really exists Written by Matthew Fox 171
Sometimes, looking at earth Written by Guy Murchie 189
Before creation a presence existed Written by Lao-Tzu 436
The earth is mother Written by Hildegard of Bingen 356
Pulling up stakes Written by Richard Louv 231
We don't have the right Written by Robert Kennedy Jr. 210
Traditions iof environmental stewardship: Christianity Written by King James Vrsion; Holy Bible 209
Traditions iof environmental stewardship: Hindusim1 Written by Yajur Veda 201
Traditions iof environmental stewardship: Taoism Written by Lord Lao 425
Traditions iof environmental stewardship: Buddhism Written by The Metta Sutra 613
Traditions iof environmental stewardship: Islam Written by Muhammad 272
Traditions iof environmental stewardship: Hindusim Written by Rig Veda 230
Traditions iof environmental stewardship: Judaism Written by Maimonides 258
An all-systems failure Written by Al Gore 243
Concern for Creation Written by David Orr 273
The realities of thermodynamics and ecology Written by David Orr 175
We should not equivocate Written by David Orr 229
The long emergency and the bottleneck Written by David Orr 261
At risk: human civilization Written by David Orr 176
Stardust Written by David Orr 294
The offspring of consumerism Written by Lin Jensen 216
The "principle of commodation" Written by Bhikku Bodhi 243
Like fish out of water Written by Ato Rinpoche 196
Is this not unbearably sad? Written by Gyalwang Karmapa XVII, Orgyen Trinley Dorje 217
Nature owns the ball field and bats last Written by Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama 247
Digging up the dead is a bad thing to do Written by Tim Flannery 163
A critical evolutionary lesson Written by Tenzin Gyatso, the XIV Dalai Lama 183
Divine living Written by Suttanipapa 171
The cause of suffering Written by Robert Jensen 194
Severed intellects cannot make proper decisions Written by Winter and Koger 210
Direct experience of nature Written by Winter and Koger 183
Crisis of insight Written by Winter and Koger 229
The earth is not our mother Written by j. Seager 179
The human ethical imperative Written by Paul and Anne Ehrlich 138
The earth is our only home Written by Gyatso Tenzin, the 14th Dalai Lama 160
Science's power to change the environment Written by Gyatso Tenzin, the 14th Dalai Lama 132
A natural potential for perfection Written by Gyatso Tenzin, the 14th Dalai Lama 179
One finger of the hand of humanity Written by Gyatso Tenzin, the 14th Dalai Lama 147
The danger of science Written by Gyatso Tenzin, the 14th Dalai Lama 133
Happy Planet index Written by New Economics Foundation 189
From the Dalai Lama Written by The 14th Dalai lama 149
The Pope weighs in on the evironmental crisis Written by Pope John Paul II 143
The Eyes of the Elephant Queen Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 227
The Kingdom of God Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 314
Our children deserve better Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 192
The human race Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 192
What are we for? Written by Van Jones 222
No throwaways Written by Van Jones 170
Annie Besant's mantra Written by Annie Besant 286
One cause Written by James Gustave Speth 151
The planet cannot sustain capitalism Written by James Gustave Speth 217
Flying blind Written by James Gustave Speth 186
Economic operating instructions Written by James Gustave Speth 215
We are bulls in a china shop Written by Robert Engelman 208
..and packs of feral dogs Written by Robert Engelman 176
No technological fix Written by George Brown, Jr. 140
Annie was right! Written by Robert Engelman 182
Ben Franklin and Otto Luetken Written by Robert Engelman 258
Abraham and Malthus Written by Robert Engelman 412
No going back Written by Robert Engelman 220
Overexploitation of nature Written by Robert Engelman 145
The Extinctionists Written by Robert Engelman 281
The Atrahasis Epic Written by Robert Engelman 254
Gifts of the Diety Written by Peter Barnes 174
It's in our hands Written by National Association of Evangelists 132
Nature, Community and Culture Written by Peter Barnes 126
The Enlightenment was in error Written by Bob Schildgen 175
We would strip the world like locusts Written by Gandhi 200
Parks don't cut it!1 Written by Lester Brown 133
Ahimsa taken literally Written by Gary Snyder 126
Where is the Kingdom of God? Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 145
Humans are made on nonhuman elements Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 353
An affluenzic contradiction Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 184
Four daily tasks Written by Thom Hartmann 194
A different type of science Written by Thom Hartmann 142
Democracy is in our genes Written by Thom Hartmann 165
Mililitarism represents theft from the future. Written by Dwight D. Eisenhower 165
A new Axial Age Written by Karen Armstrong & Paul Hawken 178
Current footprint Written by Paul Hawken 147
The goal of life Written by Thakur Powdyel 139
Plachimada Declaration Written by Vandana Shiva 297
Isho Upanishad1 Written by Vandana Shiva 178
Isho Upanishad Written by Vandana Shiva 458
Sustainablilty Written by Vandana Shiva 147
We all bear the responsibility Written by Anna Tibaijuka 176
Sarvodaya Shramadana Written by Gary T. Gardner 209
A Spiritual Declaration on Climate Chane Written by Participants, UNCC Conference, 12/05. 128
Humanity's vertical axix Written by Alan Oken 129
Why care? Written by E. O. Wilson 133
A great deal of Nature. Written by E. O. Wilson 136
What is Nature? Written by E. O. Wilson 169
An intoleraable strain Written by Millenium Ecosystem Assessment 148
State of the world Written by Raffi Cavoukian 132
Co-creation Written by David Korten 151
Matter gone wild Written by Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan 147
Environment vs. economic growth Written by Duane Elgin and Coleen LeDrew 124
Two encounters Written by David Korten 126
No better than its woods Written by Ronald Wright 153
Ecosattva Written by Stephanie Kaza 1494
Indra's Net Written by Melvin McLeod 138
Two hands, one body Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 163
Nowhere to spit Written by Alan Senauke 148
Our dear mothers Written by Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet 135
Round River1 Written by Aldo Leopold 149
Who eats the bread that you baked? Written by David James Duncan 164
One precious Earth Written by David James Duncan 145
Saving Us from Darwin Written by Frederick C. Crews 165
Response to soil Written by Michael Ableman 126
Cooperation Written by Fritjof Capra 141
Real hope Written by Davic W. Orr 141
Lodged in a small partition Written by Bill McKibben 129
Atopia Written by Bill McKibben 176
Year 1 of artifice Written by Bill McKibben 129
The fundamental challenge Written by Dave Foreman 150
Alligators Written by John Muir 147
A space station Written by Bill McKibben 160
Domesticating the earth Written by Bill McKibben 157
Job Written by Bill McKibben 242
Arrhenius' prediction Written by Bill McKibben 169
Globalization Written by Jared Diamond 159
Societal emphasis on well-being Written by Gary Gardner and Erik Assadourian 159
An emotional and spiritual bond with nature Written by Stephen Jay Gould 273
To be rich Written by Lao Tzu 145
Take Back Your Time Written by John de Graaf 156
Ecocide Written by Jared Diamond 168
A small miracle Written by Wendell Berry 123
John 3:16` Written by Wendy M. Scullon 150
Christian stewardship Written by Wendell Berry 169
No escape Written by Wendell Berry 139
Wilderness transformed into scenery Written by Wendell Berry 145
Deep ecology is spiritual in its very essence. Written by Charlene Spretnak and Fritjof Capra 134
A mystical thread Written by Michael J. Roads 228
We are the Nature Written by Michael J. Roads 132
It concerns me Written by Michael J. Roads 138
The environmental crisis Written by Wendell Berry 141
Old Growth Forests Written by Wendell Berry 142
Once the creator has been removed from creation... Written by Wendell Berry 126
We have been wrong Written by Wendell Berry 133
The Law of Consciousness of Creation Written by Wendell Berry 195
Health as an All-inclusive Concept Written by Norman Wirzba 191
The earth is not a mere fragment of a dead history Written by Henry David Thoreau 248
Fishing Written by Henry David Thoreau 146
True wealth Written by Henry David Thoreau 151
When their groves are cut down Written by Henry David Thoreau 171
Nations and railroads Written by Henry David Thoreau 189
Simplicity. simplicity. simplicity! Written by Henry David Thoreau 142
A Northern Passage Written by Barry Lopez 217
Christian agriculture Written by Wendell Berry 158
Conservationists as consumers Written by Wendell Berry 159
Exploiter v. Nurturer Written by Wendell Berry 313
Svetasvatara Upanishad VI.13 Written by Swami Nikhilananda 179
Svetasvatara Upanishad IV. 4 Written by Swami Nikhilananda 170
Katha Upanishad Written by Swami Nikhilananda 152
The earth belongs to the living Written by Thomas Jefferson 168
Knowing That We Know Written by Fritjof Capra 189
The Web of Life4 Written by Fritjof Capra 149
The Ecological Crisis as a Crisis of Character Written by Wendell Berry 910
Kenny Ausubel Written by Restoring the Vision 168
Principles of Natural Design Written by William McDonough 154
The Web of Kinship Written by Kenny Ausubel 139
Gifts of Things Unknown Written by Lyall Watson 132
My Story as Told by Water3 Written by David James Duncan 175
My Story as Told by Water2 Written by David James Duncan 142
Top 12 Reasons For Wilderness Written by Senator Clinton Anderson 179
Engagement2 Written by Terry Tempest Williams 135
Engagement Written by Terry Tempest Williams 126
Isaiah 5:8 Written by Isaiah 175
Grizzlies Written by Aldo Leopold 211
A World Made of Stories Written by Wade Davis 135
Where the Rubber Meets the Road2 Written by Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins 128
Nature's Operating Instructions2 Written by Kenny Ausubel 141
Nature's Operating Instructions Written by Kenny Ausubel 162
A Sanctuary Written by Peter Levitt 142
The Hannover Principles Written by William McDonough & Michael Braungart 173
Totem Salmon Written by Freeman House 179
The Tyranny of Things Written by Wendell Berry 213
1965 speech Written by Adlai Stevenson 182
Mexican Fisherman Written by anonymous 234
World Watch. Vol.11. No.1 Written by Ed Ayres 147
Coming Back to Life3 Written by Joanna Macy & Molly Brown 136
Coming Back to Life2 Written by Joanna Macy & Molly Brown 138
The Third Planet: Operating Instructions Written by David Brower 543
Natural Capitalism7 Written by Paul Hawken. Amory Lovins & L. Hunter Lovins 158
Natural Capitalism6 Written by Hawken. Lovins & Lovins 164
Biomimicry3 Written by Janine M. Benyus 156
Natural Capitalism Written by Hawken. Lovin & Lovin 154
The Ecology of commerce7 Written by Paul Hawken 141
Biomimicry2 Written by Janine M. Benyus 150
Salmon Without Rivers4 Written by Fred Allendorf 138
Salmon Without Rivers3 Written by Jim Lichatowich 131
Pax Humana Written by Thomas Berry 158
Sacred Earth3 Written by Versluis 138
The Fruitful Darkness2 Written by Halifax 151
Mountains Written by Muir 139
The Fruitful Darkness Written by Joan Halifax 155
Being Peace Written by Thich Nhat Hahn 147
Manifesto for a Global Civilization Written by Matthew Fox and Brian Swimme 207
Preface to The Baghavad Gita Written by Eknath Easwaran 186
Excerpts from The Bhagavad Gita Written by Sri Krishna 309
Old Testament Written by Ecclesiastes 1:4 138
Salmon Without Rivers Written by Jim Lichatowich 194
Bound to the Earth Written by James & Roberta Swan 130
Desert Solitaire3 Written by Edward Abbey 165
Biomimicry Written by Janine M. Benyus 187
Desert Solitaire2 Written by Edward Abbey 135
Crossing the next Meridian: Land. Water and the Future of the West2 Written by Charles F. Wilkinson 150
Context Matters: Considerations for Large-Scale Conservation Written by Reed F. Noss. Ph.D. 144
Baha'i' Statement on Nature Written by Baha'i' Faith 212
Eight Principles of Deep Ecology Written by Arne Naess and George Sessions 189
Desert Solitaire Written by Edward Abbey 211
Bioneers Conference 2003 Written by David Suzuki 140
The Journey Home4 Written by Edward Abbey 184
The Journey Home3 Written by Edward Abbey 215
The Journey Home2 Written by Edward Abbey 184
The Journey Home Written by Edward Abbey 157
From Eco-cities to Living Machines Written by Nancy & John Todd 163
Blue Gold8 Written by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke 186
Blue Gold7 Written by Maude Barlow & Tony Clarke 180
The Value of Wilderness Written by Ric Bailey 156
Green Logic3 Written by Robert Isaak 176
Green Logic2 Written by Robert Isaak 155
Green Logic Written by Robert Isaak 158
Good News For A Change2 Written by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel 151
Good News For A Change Written by David Suzuki and Holly Dressel 178
Values Written by Callenbach 155
Awareness Written by Callenbach 189
Earth from space Written by Briggs and Peat 216
Interconnectivity Written by Matthew Fox 220
Laws of Ecology Written by Ernest Callenbach 224
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