Conservation Biology4

Written by Richard B. Primack

One of the most contentious issues resulting rom the Earth Summit has been deciding how to fund the summit programs, particularly the Convention o­n Biological Diversity and Agenda 21.  At the time of the summit, the cost of these programs was estimated to be about $600 billion per year, of which $125 billion was to come from the developed countries as overseas development assistance.  The developed countries did not agree to this level of funding.  As of the year 2002, of 21 donor countries, o­nly the foreign assistance from a few wealthy northern European countries has met the 0.7% GNP target percentage, most notably Norway (0.89%), Sweden (0.83%), and the Netherlands (0.81%).  Many of the larger developed countries, including the United States, at 0.13% of GNP, have actually lowered the percentage of GNP that they give as foreign assistance over the past 10 years.

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Richard Primack, a Primer of Conservation Biology, p.255.

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