Natural Capitalism4

Written by Paul Hawken. Amory Lovins & L. Hunter Lovins

Industry makes things. It takes materials--generally out of the ground--and processes them into desired forms. These objects are distributed, sold, used, discarded and then typically dumped back in or o­nto the ground. Because economic consumption doesn't create or destroy matter but o­nly changes its location, form, and value, the same tonnages that were mined from the ground as resources, treated, transported. made into goods, and distributed to customers are then hauled away again as waste or emitted as pollution.

For the average American, the daily flows of materials (other than water) total more than twenty times a person's body weight, nearly all of that waste. But that waste can be greatly reduced without compromising our we---being. Any improvement that provides the same or a better stream of SERVICES from a smaller flow of STUFF can produce the same material wealth with less effort, transportation, waste, and cost.


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