Blue Gold6

Written by Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke

Tragically, this global call action (of the environmental movement) comes in an era guided by the principles of the so-called "Washington Consensus," a model of economics rooted in the  belief that liberal market economics constitute the o­ne and o­nly economic choice for the whole world.  Key to theis "consensus" is the commodification of "the commons."  Everything is for sale, even those areas of life, such as social services and natural resources, that were o­nce considered the common heritage of humanity. 

Water, according to the World Bank, is a human need, not a human right.  These are not semantics; the difference is crucial.  A human need can be supplied in many ways, especially those for money.  But no o­ne can sell a human right.

Barlow and Clarke, Blue Gold, p.xii.

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