12-point new economy agenda

Written by David Korten

1. Redirect the focus of economic policy from growing phantom wealth to growing real wealth.

2. Recover Wall Street unearned profits, and assess fees and fines to make Wall Street theft and gambling unprofitable.

3. Implement full-cost market pricing.

4. Reclaim the corporate charter.

5. Restore national economic sovereignity.

6. Rebuild communities with a goal of achieving local self-reliance in meeting basic needs.

7. Implement policies that create a strong bias in favor of human-scale business owned by local stakeholders.

8. Facilitate and fund stakeholder buyouts to democratize ownership.

9. Use tax and income policies to favor the equitable distribution of wealth and income.

10. Revise intellectual property rules to facilitate the free sharing of information and technology.

11. Restructure financial services to ser Main Street.

12. Transfer to the federal government the responsibility for issuing money.

David Korten, Agenda For a New Economy, p.122. 

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