Institutionalized greed

Written by David Loy

In our economic system corporations are never profitable enough enough and people never consume enough.  It is a circular process in which we all participate, whether as workers, employers, consonsumers, investors, or pensioners, but we usually have little or no personal sense of moral responsibility for what happens.  Awareness has been diffused so completely that it is lost in the impersonal anonymity of the corporate economic system.


Contrary to what we are repeatedly told, however, such an economic system is neither natural nor inevitable.  It is based on an historically-conditioned worldview that views the earth as resources, human beings as labor, and money as capital to be used for producing more capital.  Everything else becomes a means to the goal of profit, which can have end except more and more of the same thing.  Greed has taken on a life of its own.

David Loy, Mindful Politics, p.47.

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