Green politics

Written by Charlene Spretnak and Fritjof Capra

If Green politics is to develop in this country, we must first develop a coherent view.  By that we mean a coherent world view which would give rise to a set of values and ethics, which in turn would lead to a political analysis from which would emerge specific programs and strategies.  The power of Green politics lies at the grassroots level, but we believe a national organization is also necessary:  a Green network, a Green Movement (national membership organization), a Green caucus within the movement and a Green political party.  Combining ecological concepts with the realities of the American government structure, we suggest five strata of organization for the Green movement:  local, bioregional, state, macroregional, and national.

Charlene Spretnak & Fritjof Capra, extracted from Green Politics, pp.200-204.

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